Linara 1S

Новый товар

Линара это решение для уверенных в себе людей, которые ценят современный дизайн и эргономичность.


The Linara line was created for the enthusiasts of bold edges. Sleek geometry, full of folds and subtle divisions magnetizes, attracts attention and perfectly matches the raw interior. Linara is a proposal for self-confident people who value modernity and convenience. The furniture looks great in your living room as well as in the public space – playing with geometry it makes the environment more attractive, catching attention and accentuating the focal points of the interior. Linara is a great choice for modern, comfortable hotel spaces and a brave addition to a bright, open office.

            Seating comfort:

  • Upholstery: Two kinds of quality foam on elastic straps
  • Hanging procedure: Comfort model hanging
  • Construction: stable wooden frame


  • Sturdy fabric, easy to clean
  • Composition: 100% Poliester
  • Abrasion resistance: 80.000 cycles <M>
  • Usage - anyplace in covert room

            User manual:

  • clean pollution with moist cotton sheet (eventually with soap)
  • Do not use detergents.

            Delivery and assembly:

  • Scope of delivery: furniture without decoration
  • Product is delivered fully assembled
  • Leg assembly is not neccesary

высота 73
Szerokość 70
Głębokość 73
Waga 26,2
Waga z opakowaniem 32