You work, rest, dream, chat, play and cuddle. Three-seater sofas are modern, compact forms with a classic touch. They work well in both public and private spaces. A wide array of fabrics with interesting geometric textures undoubtedly adds finesse.
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  • Loop – modern design which delights. Alternative approach to construction and space, resulted in the creation of a distinctive, memorable shape. Perfectly designed legs balance the apparent bulkiness of Loop furniture.

  • Silje to sedno mebla wypoczynkowego. Lekka linia mebla i delikatnie wygięte podłokietniki nadają komfortowy wygląd. Duża ilość miękkich poduszek świetnie dopełnia reszty. Czujemy się na niej zrelaksowani i odprężeni.

  • Inna odsłona romantycznej linii Florence w prostej i nowoczesnej formie. Najwyższy poziom komfortu i  wzornictwa. Jej kształt zaprasza do relaksu i wypoczynku. Chodź, usiądź w tej otchłani miękkości.

  • Klasyka i romantyzm połączone w jednej bryle to magia zaklęta w stylowych meblach Florence. Klasyczne rysy mebla takie jak zaokrąglone podłokietniki nadają delikatnego uroku.

  • Minimalistyczna forma w solidnym  i wygodnym zestawie Okta. Charakterystyczne nogi tworzą doskonały efekt lekkości, a prostota siedziska i oparcia nadają jej nowoczesnego i wyszukanego  charakteru.

  • It will accommodate for at least four family members. A comfortable, functional sofa ideal not only for family film nights, but an afternoon nap or a coffee with a friend. Universal design for both modern and classic interiors and certainly for those who value comfort, style and luxury.

  • Reminds you of Coco Chanel's favourite costumes ... The timeless "claw" design defends itself in a classic interior as well as a modern, eclectic set. A dogtooth sofa is a journey into the past but above all the celebration of the present moment. In a word: time to relax. Here and now.

  • Karo is the perfect choice for your home. The combination of a hard, raw material with soft cushions and the perfect balance between the form of the furniture and its functionality will appeal to all homeowners.

  • Block equals relaxation. The masterfully profiled modules seduce you with their shape and comfort and brighten up your mood at the very first glance. Block is a really good reason to invite more frequent visitors. 

  • Vena is a modern compact form with a classic character. The chair works well both in public and private spaces. Vena fits wherever you need comfort and elegance. A wide selection of fabrics allows you to arrange the set in many colour variants.

  • Tiss sofa is intended for daily use. It is primarily a piece of furniture which,thanks to its classical shape, can be seamlessly integrated even in the previouslyarranged space.

  • The simple, geometric shape of Soft almost levitates over the ground. It's chrome-plated legs give it that intriguing lightness. The unusual mishmash of modern and organic forms has allowed us to create a contemporary, yet very classic, project.

  • Plains furniture is simple, which makes it even more intriguing. The turned-up back gives the piece the edge that is balanced by the wooden base, warming the seemingly fierce character of the furniture. 

  • You work, rest, dream, talk, play and cuddle. Cosy is your command centre of the world ... You are free to set up single soft elements and cushions, creating an stress-free atmosphere. Sofas, armchairs, seats, home theatre audience or double bed – the cosier, the better…

  • Fleck fulfills the need for functional design. It fits perfectly into modern public spaces – hotels, conference halls or offices. Cubist shapes, set on chrome legs, combine comfort and elegance. It is complemented by an interesting and rich range of upholstery colours.

  • Fleck fulfills the need for functional design. It fits perfectly into modern public spaces – hotels, conference halls or offices. Cubist shapes, set on chrome legs, combine comfort and elegance. It is complemented by an interesting and rich range of upholstery colours.

  • Zena - unforgettable softness around the clock. In the daytime, it will serve your social life, at night it can be a comfortable bed. A typical combination of pleasant and useful. Convertible sofa with a classic sleeping function will warm up the interior of apartments, offices and hotels, both the conservative and avant-garde ones.

  • Shee sofa is a mixture of good design, functionality and comfort. Its traditional shape will fit in any interior. The bold lines of the armrests, the extraordinary legs and the appropriately selected backrest ratio harmonise perfectly. 

  • Biss the sister of Zena sofas. Equally practical and comfortable, with the sleeping function as well as or for social gatherings. Robust mattress, upholstery of high quality fabric – longevity of the furniture guaranteed. It differs from its twin by stitches on the back and the seats. Perfect in classic and modern interiors.

  • W lekkiej i prostej formie sofy Mystic  każdy odnajdzie coś dla siebie. Jej niepowtarzalny charakter urzeka, a drewniane nóżki domykają całość jako minimalistyczny i nowoczesny mebel.

  • The Linara line was created for the enthusiasts of bold edges. Sleek geometry, full of folds and subtle divisions magnetizes, attracts attention and perfectly matches the raw interior. Linara is a proposal for self-confident people who value modernity and convenience.

  • The Alta set is a reference to the best projects of the seventies. Clear line of backrests and armrests, reinforced with wide, comfortable cushions, balances the character of the furniture and gives it a up-to-date look.

Showing 1 - 24 of 24 items