You work, rest, dream, chat, play and cuddle. Three-seater sofas are modern, compact forms with a classic touch. They work well in both public and private spaces. A wide array of fabrics with interesting geometric textures undoubtedly adds finesse.


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  • Klasyka i romantyzm połączone w jednej bryle to magia zaklęta w stylowych meblach Florence. Klasyczne rysy mebla takie jak zaokrąglone podłokietniki nadają delikatnego uroku.

  • Minimalistyczna forma w solidnym  i wygodnym zestawie Okta. Charakterystyczne nogi tworzą doskonały efekt lekkości, a prostota siedziska i oparcia nadają jej nowoczesnego i wyszukanego  charakteru.

  • You work, rest, dream, talk, play and cuddle. Cosy is your command centre of the world ... You are free to set up single soft elements and cushions, creating an stress-free atmosphere. Sofas, armchairs, seats, home theatre audience or double bed – the cosier, the better…

  • The shape of the letter "L" is an invitation to a meeting on a soft surface. Both business and family friendly. Original, "corduroy" texture and colour that can be combined with any other color in the room. It adds character to the interiors and becomes the center of your home.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items