Bold, unconventional and ahead of the trends. That's how the MAK Studio brand works – design office, furniture workshop, online shop and dream factory – all in one. Every day we let our imagination run wild in order to combine comfort, functionality and exceptional design. We rise above mediocrity. We are inspired by great architects, a wide array of arts and most of all the landscape. We are from Warmia, an absolutely extraordinary region, which we draw inspiration from each day. We complement the landscape with products of high quality wood, glass as well as the world's best fabrics and accessories from renowned manufacturers. In addition to creating our own furniture collections, we work with reputable studios and brands from all around the world. Sometimes one item from our wide range of furniture and equipment is enough to launch a complete interior makeover. An armchair, a chair, a lamp, a sofa ... Don’t we make big changes with small steps?



Scientific mind, artistic soul. A computer graphic designer with a flair for architecture and interior design. Even in college she supported a family company, which produced box furniture. She designed and developed the offer of original collections and services. She creates comprehensive styling, from tableware to gardens or roof tile selection. She can boast a number of public, hotel and private projects. She is inspired by the landscape of her homeland, the Warmia region, so she makes use of natural materials, such as wood, metal, brick, stone or glass.


Educated marketing and public relations specialist, with experience in brand building. He travelled all over Europe and a few years ago he landed in the furniture industry. A man of many talents – from knitting to providing large hotel chains with upholstered furniture. Co-founder of MAK Line furniture brand. He discovered the mission: to bring a little unusual design into the house of the Joneses.